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Easy Masks is a plugin for ZBrush for making masks. This is a very important task in ZBrush, as these masks can be used for protecting parts of your mesh from being modified.

Easy Masks contains useful macros, a toggle button for your two favorite masking brushes, and visual icons to use ZBrush’s masking brushes and ZModeler masking tools easier and faster.

COMPATIBLE WITH: ZBrush 2019, ZBrush 2021 and up.

– Run 9 useful macros for working with masks.
 Macro buttons with dials to set a number of times that your mask will be blurred, sharpened, grown or shrink, every time you click the button. Perfect for high density meshes.
– Configurable Toggle button for swapping between the two masking brushes that you choose. Toggle between them with one click. The setting is saved to disk so it is remembered the next time you open ZBrush.
– Toggle full automasking on polygroups.
– Mask parts of a complex object just selecting a part of it.
– Extract a single sided mesh with no borders for clothing making.
– Split masked parts from a duplicate. Don’t lose your originals.
– Visual icons to set each kind of masking brush.
– Visual icons to set ZModeler presets for masking polys, edges and points.
– Quick buttons for display, hide, mask all, clear all, invert the masks.
– Quick access buttons for creating masks by features of your mesh, with the most common options, without clutter.
 Extra buttons for Toggle Masks that you can add to your custom interface.

Easy Masks is a must have for masking faster and better!


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