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With this ZBrush Plugin you can customize and merge your alphas in many ways, giving your alphas more versatility. It allows you to merge alphas together using different effects, and add grunge, dirt and splatters to them, rotate them in any angle, and more.

With Power Alphas your alphas and brushes become even more useful. You can mix effectsmerge two alphas that you like so you get a more complex one, and experiment in new creative ways for sculpting and painting. And all this using an easy interface.

A must have for both power users that want more customization, and for new users that want an easy way to edit alphas without leaving ZBrush.

REQUIREMENTS: Windows 10, 64 bits. ZBrush 2021.6.6 and above.


  • Bring alphas inside the program for edition with just one click.
  • Send the modified alpha to ZBrush directly with a button click.
  • Mix two alphas into one, using 10 different layer effects.
  • Preview the result of the alpha merging before doing it.
  • Automatic preview while you cycle through the layer effects, for faster choosing.
  • 75 overlay effects: 25 grunge, 25 splatter and 25 dirt effects.
  • Customize the effects by dialing its strength.
  • Mix more than two alphas by overlapping them one after one.
  • Add several overlay effects, one after the other.
  • Rotate an alpha in any angle, or flip it vertically or horizontally, or in 90 degrees.
  • Crop in two different ways: simple crop, or crop and centering.
  • Shrink an alpha inside its canvas for sharpening.
  • Apply blur on your alpha, if it looks jagged.
  • Save the alpha directly from Power Alphas.
  • Restore the original alpha if you want to undo.
  • Save the current modified alpha to memory before trying new things.
  • Collapsible interface so it doesn’t clutter your screen.
  • Always on top button so it can behave normally or be always above all other windows.
  • Tutorial in PDF.
  • Video Tutorial file from our channel, included for your future reference.

A must have for any ZBrush user!


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