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Animal Eye Maker is a fast way of adding eyes to your animals. Includes 128 textures for many kinds of animals, and a plugin for quickly adding them that also allows you to select the texture and reflection map for the eyes in a visual way.
Animal Eye Maker is a must have for adding eyes to your ZBrush animal and beast models. It can be used in two ways:- Automatic: install the included plugin and start adding eyes quick and easy.- Manual: use the textures, tool, reflections, and material and add them yourself.
The easier and faster way is to use the included AS Animal Eye Maker Plugin inside ZBrush. It will allow you to add eyes in a moment to any model.
Contents:- AS Animal Eye Maker Plugin for ZBrush: just click buttons for adding eyes, setting their textures, or using one of the reflection maps included. With visual selectors for textures and reflections.- 128 Eye textures of different kinds of animals: 3072×3072 JPG for snakes, turtles, geckos, rodents, felines, canines, primates, toads, and more. Each texture is labeled with the name of the animal for easier use.- 20 reflection maps in .tif format- An Animal Eye Tool for ZBrush, which is a spherical model already mapped to use the included textures. – An Eye Material with 4 shaders: for BPR rendering, for Best rendering, reflection and sclera bump. The shader uses the included reflection maps.- Tutorial on how to use the plugin.- Tutorial on how to use the product by hand, if you don’t like to use the plugin.- Video tutorial from our channel included so you can have it for future reference.- Index of textures and reflections in PDF so you can choose them easily.
Animal Eye Maker is a must have for any 3d modeler that wants to add eyes in a fast and easy way!
REQUIREMENTS: This product needs ZBrush 2021.6.6 and above. (upgrading ZBrush is completely free and easy, we explain how in the tutorials).


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