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Often, you may need to have text sculpted or painted on some models (dog tags, address in a letter, stamps on boxes, serial numbers, space ships, sci-fi weapons, cars and bikes, ships, planes, writings on a wall or a magic ring…).

Power Text Brush Maker is a ZBrush plugin for creating text brushes that you can use for sculpting text on your models (in relief or bassrelief), or stamping painted text.

You can select any font that you have in your computer, write any text, and even apply customizable grunge effects. This plugin will create a text brush for you, and send it to ZBrush for immediate use.

Having instant text brushes for sculpting and polypaint inside ZBrush is now possible with this plugin. Paint and sculpt text on any prop, using any font.

REQUIREMENTSWindows 10, 64 bits. ZBrush 2021.6 and above.


  • Creates text brushes for sculpting and polypaint.
  • Preview of the generated alpha of the brush.
  • Create a text alpha in just some clicks.
  • Save all the settings for being imported later. Reuse your text brushes.
  • Set the kind of brush you want: reliefbass-relief, painting color and material, and sculpting and painting in relief or bass-relief at once.
  • Write any single or multi-line text.
  • Use grunge effects if you like, and choose between 25 customizable effects.
  • Customize the intensity of the chosen grunge effect by moving a dial.
  • Auto font size and centering, and auto blur for the alpha.
  • Avoid jagged borders by using the blur dials.
  • Set the font size, position, and intensity by moving dials.
  • Collapsible interface so it doesn’t clutter your screen.
  • Always on top switch so it can behave normally or be always above all other windows.
  • Tutorial in PDF.
  • Video Tutorial file from our channel, included for your future reference.

A must have for creating labels, text in relief for sculpting, and much more!


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