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It is very usual to build a model that has lots of subtools, and often inside multiple folders. Easy Actions can make changes in all your subtools at once, so you can achieve things that were not possible or would require a lot of careful work.

Easy Actions acts on all the visible subtools, inside folders or not. With Easy Actions you don’t have to change your folders or join subtools. You can run the actions of the plugin as if it was a single subtool, as the plugin will apply them in a batch.

You just have to hide the folder or the subtools that you don’t want to change, and run one of the actions:
– Apply current color or material: color or apply material to many subtools at once.
– Center All Visible: centers all your subtools in any axis at once. Very useful when you model something and then notice that some of the parts are not centered. This action can fix it very quickly.
– Rotate All Visible: rotate all your subtools in any axis at once. Do it in the angle that you specify, or you can use one of the buttons for 90, 45, or 180 degrees. You can make your model turn and look in another direction.
– Scale All Visible: makes all your subtools bigger or smaller, in an specified amount, in any axis or in all of them.
– Translate All Visible: move all your subtools at once as much as you want, in any axis.
– Mirror All Visible: mirror all your subtools in any axis, so the details that are on one side, for example, are placed on the opposite.
– Subdivide and Join: Joins all your subtools in a single subtool, applying all the dynamic subdivision and division levels, and makes a copy. You can use this copy for testing materials, applying materials to the full model at once, rendering in some application, or anything, while keeping all your other subtools intact.
– Unify All Visible: apply Unify to all your subtools at once.
– Bake All Layers: Bakes all layers in all your subtools at once, without having to go one by one.
– Toggle All Textures: You can decide to turn your textures on or off in all your subtools at once.

Easy Actions saves you a lot of work and allows you to keep all your folders and subtools as they are.

COMPATIBLE WITH: ZBrush 2019, ZBrush 2021.5, 2021.6, and up


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