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The Fast N’ Furry Brush is one of the fastest ways to create stylized fur in ZBrush for your creatures, humanoid characters and props. Create leafy lion manes, cover bodies, or make amazing Viking cloaks – this brush may help your fantastic furry beasts come to life, looking cute or fierce depending on your stylized character’s mood.

In this pack you will get an All-in-One IMM Brush, with up to 15 color-coded fur styles, each style contains 20 mesh shapes, making a total of 300 meshes to choose from. Also, you will get the same SET options splitted in multiple IMM Brushes – the main feature is that it cycles between meshes randomly on each stroke.

This digital brushes makes it easy to create fur and becomes a great tool for sculptors and 3D concept artists who want to quickly sketch an art piece, or even conclude your final artwork, as the basemeshes have a well-made topology, using quads on the overall shape but ending with tris for a sharper tip.

Additionally, these meshes have pre-creased edges ready to be subdivided and unwrapped UVs to avoid the tedious process of making them once you have all the fur meshes already in place. Have in mind that if you want to keep the brush UVs, you have to use the brush on a mesh that already has UVs.

Fast N’ Furry is an awesome digital utility for studios and artists that want to add a stylised fur layer to their 3D projects.

Product content

All-in-One IMM Brush with up to 15 color-coded SET options that contains 20 mesh shapes on each SET, making a total of 300 basemeshes to choose from.

  • FastNFurry_IMM.ZBP

The same meshes, but this time splitting each SET in multiple IMM Brushes. The main feature is that it cycles between meshes randomly on each stroke.

  • A-SET_FastNFurry_IMM.ZBP
  • B-SET_FastNFurry_IMM.ZBP
  • C-SET_FastNFurry_IMM.ZBP
  • D-SET_FastNFurry_IMM.ZBP
  • E-SET_FastNFurry_IMM.ZBP
  • F-SET_FastNFurry_IMM.ZBP
  • G-SET_FastNFurry_IMM.ZBP
  • H-SET_FastNFurry_IMM.ZBP
  • I-SET_FastNFurry_IMM.ZBP
  • J-SET_FastNFurry_IMM.ZBP
  • K-SET_FastNFurry_IMM.ZBP
  • L-SET_FastNFurry_IMM.ZBP1
  • M-SET_FastNFurry_IMM.ZBP
  • N-SET_FastNFurry_IMM.ZBP
  • O-SET_FastNFurry_IMM.ZBP


Compatible with ZBrush 2020 and above.

Release Notes

NEW! Version 2.0 of Fast N’ Furry realeased!

  • Added 12 new fur SET styles
  • Added UVs to all meshes
  • Remeshed the A-SET, B-SET and C-SET meshes
  • Removed the grouped fur options of A-SET, B-SET amd C-SET

Now you can find the brush in two main versions:

  • All-in-One Brush
  • Splited version with each SET style in different brushes – The main feature is that it cycles between meshes randomly on each stroke.
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