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Power Maps is a ZBrush plugin with tutorial, that helps you to make normal and displacement maps, and even your polypaint textures. With it, making game-ready models and realtime models, or for render, is easier than ever. It does it all using smart one-click buttons (buttons that perform several actions for you), and wizards (the program asks you quick questions with yes or no, and then makes all the work for you).

The main advantages are:
– A more human approach to making maps for your models. ZBrush helps you and does the work for you.
– Avoid having to move resolutions up and down, and go here and there clicking lots of buttons to export your maps.

You can keep yourself centered in making art, and not having to switch from artistic state of mind to technical stuff all the time.

– Easy buttons to export your model with or without UVs/Maps.
– Export your model in low resolution for realtime 3D with one click. The button does all the work, and then restores the resolution level that you were using.
– Icon for preparing your model for checking: one click action to flip UVs, view face direction, and apply a checker.
– Visual selector with 18 checker patterns: multicolor, monocolor, stripes, squares, letters and numbers, dots, circles, and others. An always at hand resource for checking UVs in ZBrush!
– Visual icons that run special brushes for moving vertices, edges, and faces so you can retouch a UV map inside ZBrush.
– Smart one click button: Prepare for Polypaint.
 Smart one click button: Create and export texture from polypaint.
 Normal Wizard: asks you questions and creates and exports your normal map.
– Displacement Wizard: asks you questions and then creates and exports your displacement map.
– Visual access to classical UV mappings like planar, box, cylindrical, or spherical.
– Other buttons for quick access to unwrapping and UV sizes, and setting your mesh to the lowest or highest resolution.

Power Maps is a must have for UV mapping and map creation in ZBrush!

COMPATIBLE WITH: ZBrush 2019, ZBrush 2021 and up.


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