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As you know, ZBrush includes a tool called ZModeler for low poly and box modeling. But its interface is very different from what is usual: it’s all text.
Power Modeler is a ZBrush plugin that adds 30 buttons with icons. With it, you can use ZModeler in a much more powerful, easy, fast, and visual way.
With Power Modeler you can use ZModeler in the same way as other 3D low poly modeling apps work: clicking on icons.

If you already use ZModeler, it will speed up your workflow and help you save time and work in a more visual and comfortable way.
If you don’t, and you come from other 3D applications, it makes easier for you to adapt to ZModeler and start using it.

 27 buttons with icons that make ZModeler behave as toolbar icons in other 3D modeling applications: create polygroups for faces or loops, slide, move points, scale, inflate, twist, qmesh, and so on just clicking on an icon. No more text browsing, except if you want it.
– And 3 new icons (for a total of 30)  if you use ZBrush 2021.5 or higher: Polygroup Fill, Uncrease, and Slice Mesh.
– Power Modeler helps you. It doesn’t replace ZModeler, but it makes it much easier to use, faster, and more powerful
 Box modeling and subdivision modeling is much easier with Power Modeler
– It also has buttons for the most common actions like swapping between Gizmo and Draw mode, and a button to center the Gizmo if it doesn’t appear where it should.
– Quick access to the 3 polyframe view modes, easier than the tiny text default button. View faces, edges, or both clicking on a button
– With just the Power Modeler palette, you can do all the low poly modeling. Set your plugins palette to the left or right tray, and get the maximum screen area for modeling

Power Modeler is a must have for low poly, box modeling, and blocking!

COMPATIBLE WITH: ZBrush 2019 and ZBrush 2021.5 and up.


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