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Easy Curves is a product that contains:
– A plugin that gives you an easier interface for curves allowing you to work faster and better
– A 21 pages tutorial on how to use curves in ZBrush, and our plugin

Curves are a powerful feature of ZBrush, often used little because of two reasons:
– The controls are spread between several sections of the interface.
– There are lots of complicated settings that you will not use often.

To solve this, we created this product, that offers you this:
– All the most common curve controls gathered together in a same place.
– Instead of having to look for them, open the plugin every time that you have to use curves, and you will find them together.
– Edit your curve brush settings without complications.
– Create, delete, smooth, move, change how curves work, in a same place without having to browse between several panels.
– Learn the use of curves in ZBrush with our 21 pages tutorial included in the product.
– A video tutorial, on how to build from a toon octopus from scratch with curves and our plugin, that you can also find on YouTube (in our channel), but is included in our product for your future reference.

COMPATIBLE WITH: ZBrush 2019, ZBrush 2021 and up.


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Información del vendedor

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