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Power Camera is a ZBrush plugin (for 2021.6, and up ) that includes:

– Visual selector of 9 cameras with thumbnails, for easier modeling.
– Tools for placing lights interactively (watching the result as you move it) with memory that can restore a light position as it was, or copy it to another light.
– A very easy turntable generator.
– Saving renders in several formats quickly, with or without automatic export of mask.
A must have for any ZBrush modeler!

This plugin creates an independent visual system of 9 cameras that are used for modeling.
– 9 cameras for help you in modeling, that are independent from your scene’s cameras and don’t override them.
 Visual selector of 9 cameras that can be chosen clicking on their thumbnails.
– Quick button for saving a camera.
– Load a camera entering its number or by clicking their thumbnails in the selector.
– Delete all defined cameras.
– Cameras are remembered between ZBrush sessions, and are only forgotten if you delete or override them with new cameras.
– Buttons for chosing flat cameras: top, bottom, left, right, front, and back.

Put lights with your mouse, memorize and restore them as you need.
– Button for setting the Interactive Light that also memorizes the position of the light before you move it.
– Memorize button for saving the position of the current light, so you can restore it or copy it to another light.
– Restore button that applies the memorized position to the current light, so you can undo what you don’t like.
– Dial for setting light intensity, and a button that restores the intensity to 0.85.

Export a render in different formats quickly.
– Buttons for setting the format of your save, so you can quickly export in several formats.
– Switch for choosing if you export the mask or not automatically.
– Save a Best or Preview render with the settings chosen on one click.
– Export as iMage3D GIF clicking just one button, for sharing your model on the web.

Get a good turntable easier and faster.
– Switches for choosing to render all the ZBrush window, or the document only.
– Switches for the size.
– Buttons for Best or Preview quality.
– All in one button that uses the options above, and makes a turntable as you usually need: rotating in the Y axis, without watermark. It clicks on all the needed options and buttons, and you quickly get the desired result as an mpeg movie.

COMPATIBLE WITH: 2021.6, and up

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