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Power Shapes is a ZBrush plugin that adds a palette with 51 shapes to ZBrush, and some useful functions to help you in low poly modeling:

– Buttons to choose the way that the shapes are added to subtools: Replace mode (replaces the current subtool) or Add mode (is added as a new subtool without replacing).
– “Polygroups by normals” button to set a polygroup for coplanar faces.
– “Polygroup by angle” button and dial to set the polygroups depending of the angle between faces, so you can control easily the grouping of the faces.
– 51 low poly shapes: archaway, axis planes, axis cube, barrel, beveled cylinder of 6 sides, beveled cylinder of 12 sides, beveled box, cake, capsule, coin, creased box, cylinder-cone, dented box, door, duct, ellipsoid, entrance, flatside cube, frame, grille, half cylinder, half tube, handle, head, hemisphere, hollow cone, hollow hemisphere, hollow triangle, jar, nut, oblique cylinder, ovoid, plate, rectangular handle, ring, roll, rounded box, screw, spike, spin, stair, star, trapezoid, triangle, triangular frame, truncated box, tube, ufo, wedge, wheel, and ziggurat.

This plugin is a great help when modeling with ZModeler and can be great for making basemeshes for complex models or to join them and sculpt with Dynamesh, or for boolean modeling.

If you already own our product Power Primitives, both plugins together make a huge toolbox for making all kinds of 3D models!

COMPATIBLE WITH: ZBrush 2019, ZBrush 2021.5, 2021.6, and up


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Información del vendedor

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