Sewing Maker: 360 ZBrush Brushes And 100 Alphas. LINK : https://www.artstation.com/a/6462157

TELEGRAM : https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFQFWuh65gEd-6Wz5w

This product contains several useful tools for adding details of sewing to your models:
- 360 ZBrush brushes: 100 IMM Curve, 100 IMM DragRect variants, 100 Alpha Brushes, and 60 IMM Sewing Props.
- The 100 IMM Curve brushes are brushes that follow a curve that you can draw and insert stitches made of real geometry.
- The 100 IMM DragRect brushes are for those cases in which you want to insert the stitches one by one.
- The 100 IMM Alpha brushes sculpt stitches on your sculpted model, being perfect for small details.
- The 60 IMM Sewing Props are buttons of many kinds, rivets and hooks for being added to your clothing.
- All the geometries come in low resolution but ready to be divided to the desired degree, so they are good for all 3D uses, from games to digital sculpture.
- 100 PSD Alphas of sewing stitches that you can use in Zbrush, and other 3D apps that use alphas. 512x512 pixels, 16 bits, grayscale, in PSD and JPG, for all 3D applications.
- A PDF tutorial for ZBrush.
- A PDF index of the brushes so you can choose them easily.- A video tutorial, that you can also find on YouTube (in our channel), but is included in our product for your future reference.
COMPATIBLE WITH: ZBrush 2021.6.6 and up (updating from 2019 and up to 2021.6 or more is free and easy, and we explain how to do it in the tutorial).

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